Gnanomat announces appointment of new Business Development Manager

Gnanomat is pleased to confirm the incorporation of Amador Muntó to the Company team as Business Development Manager. Amador will launch activities of commerciallization and development the business area with final customers. More info.

HydraRedox Iberia and Gnanomat sign an agreement to develop advanced materials for vanadium-redox batteries

HydraRedox Iberia S.L. and Gnanomat S.L. announce the signing of a collaboration agreement. Under this agreement, Gnanomat will develop, optimize and manufacture tailor-made advanced materials that will be utilized in Hydra Redox Iberia’s vanadium redox batteries. More info.

Gnanomat granted with 1.2 M€ from the “SME instrument”

Gnanomat receives 1.2 M€ from EU funds to build a production plant to produce graphene-based materials and launch its commercial activities. This funding is a definitive push to consolidate the company as a referent player of the nanomaterials sector. Gnanomat applied to the Phase 2 SME-instrument in the H2020 program with the project called GRAPHEEN. More info
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GNANOMAT awarded in V Premios de Emprendedores REPSOL

Gnanomat and three other projects have been awarded by Fundación Repsol in the V Fondo de Emprendedores hosted and sponsored by Repsol. This award will help Gnanomat to its corporative growth and to manufacture its products at large scale in the following months.
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GNANOMAT @ Graphene and 2D Materials conference

Gnanomat will be attending the Graphene & 2D Materials USA 2015 at Santa Clara on 18th-19th November. We will be happy to attend our visitors and update them with our exciting updates. If you are around do not hesitate to pass by and meet us!! More info

GNANOMAT launches its own R&D department

As a step forward in the efforts and growth of the company, Gnanomat has definitively created its own R&D team. The novel company, founded on summer 2014, has developed so far its R&D program collaborating with first class providers in an outsourcing-based strategy. Now Gnanomat has reached one of its major objectives by creating the R&D department with its own scientific team. Iñigo Larraza PhD is the leader of this division. Iñigo is a contrasted nanotech expert accumulating experience in both nanomaterials research and innovation management in academic institutions and large companies. With this incorporation Gnanomat achieves a major milestone in the maturation of the company. More info
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Gnanomat receives EU funds in the "SME instrument" of the H2020 program

Gnanomat announces the success of its application for a European project in the second cut-off date for the Phase 1 SME-instrument in the H2020 program. The project called GRAPHEEN aims at scaling up a green, affordable and straightforward process for the industrial synthesis of graphene-based materials, for their use in energy applications. In this Phase 1, Gnanomat will receive 50.000€ for accomplishing a feasibility study so to evaluate the technical feasibility of scaling up its proprietary technology and to assess its commercial potential. This Phase 1 will also give Gnanomat access to business coaching services offered by the European Commission. For this second cut-off date, Gnanomat´s project competed with 1944 proposals, out of which only 178 were selected for funding. The SME instrument is part of the Horizon 2020 program and finances innovative ideas with great market potential. The instrument is divided in three phases, with the aim of transforming disruptive ideas into concrete, innovative solutions with a European and global impact. In the SME-instrument financing scheme, the successful applicants in Phase 1 are the preferential candidates to opt for a Phase 2 project of between €0.5-2.5M funding. This peer-reviewed fund confirms the expectations and extraordinary possibilities of our technology not just to produce high quality GNP (graphene nanoplatelets), but also to enforce development in high impact fields as energy devices (supercapacitors and Li).


SEPT 2014 Gnanomat launches its operations in the area of graphene and graphene-derivates manufacturing Gnanomat S.L. (GNM) is a start-up coming from academic research that has launched its operations in the nanomaterials sector. GNM is born with an own revolutionary technology, readily covered by means of patents. This technology efficiently exfoliates graphite in liquid phase to high quality pristine graphene and preserving the 2D structure, in one-single-step with no need for oxidation. Moreover this revolutionary technology not only generates a remarkable GNM quality stocks of pristine graphene microplatelets at lower costs but it has also demonstrated to produce graphene derivatives with different nanoparticles and macromolecules (including metals, metal oxides and polymers). Thanks to the extraordinary properties of the solvents utilized, in one-single-step it is possible to generate high added value graphene based nanomaterials. GNM is working to expand the technological platform in different directions: from scaling up the process to provide with new alternatives to produce graphene and graphene derivatives to industry, to generation and characterization of composites derived from graphene with high add value addressing some of the major bottlenecks of areas like Energy, particularly in Supercapacitors, and materials of new generation among others.
GNM is working to expand the potential of its technology in different directions:
  1. Scaling up the process for industrial manufacturing of graphene and graphene based nanomaterials.
  2. Generation of new graphene-based nanomaterials specifically adapted to the needs of different applications/products, with a special focus on Energy Applications like supercapacitors and rechargeable batteries.